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Are you interested in science and wondering what makes scientist in Amsterdam tick? Amsterdam Science Now gives the stage to three contributors to the ninth issue of Amsterdam Science Magazine.

In I feel you, therefore I help you, Selene Gallo discusses her research on our willingness to help others, when specific areas of our brains our stimulated.

Using new telescope technology, Jakob van Eijnden was able to observe neutron stars that emit jets: powerful bursts of gas. The improved means for observing different types of stars producing jets allowed his team to debunk established theories – now it’s back to the drawing board on how exactly jets work, but with a better understanding of how they don’t work.

Toby Kiers found that underground fungi and plant roots not only interact, but apply rules of supply and demand. Fungi keep stockpiles of phosphorus out of plants’ reach, only supplying those plants that provide the best exchange in nutrients, uncannily resembling economic markets. With her discoveries, fungi beneficial to certain crops could be developed for more sustainable agriculture.

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