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Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Already Taken.

Dispite this famous saying by Oscar Wilde, many people are preoccupied to be somebody else. We model ourselves after one of our parents, a teacher, a boss or a famous prominent person raning from football stars to presidents.

Now what happens to our Self when we do this? Is it at all possible to be somebody else? Or are we just reducing ourselves to being an actor trying to play a particular part? And who, then, is the actor?

Many of us also know the phenomenon of not wanting to be like your father or mother, only to discover that you have certain character traits or behaviour patterns which remind you (and others) of the very person you are trying so hard not to be.

In tonight's conversation we will explore how we experience our Self. Maybe we will discover what masks or postures we display and how we can let go of them to be a little more of who we are.

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