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Every year, the February SlowTalk focuses on Love. What else is there to talk about a day before Valentine's Day?! To me, love is a universal human need, and I believe that we all long for it. How come our world is not filled with more of it then?

We could wonder if love even exists with so much bad news around. Even in personal relationships we don’t always experience love. Some people seem to fall out of love as fast as they fall in it. So is love a mere feeling? Is it an illusion? Or is it something which each of us can do? What about the contradiction between self-love and love for other people? How can we reconcile this apparent conflict?

Whatever your experience of love (or the lack of it), this evening is for you. Share with others how you think about love, how you notice it, and how you think we can love another person or even embrace humanity as a whole.

This evening may prove insightful and provide you with a useful perspective to celebrate Valentine's Day more meaningfully.

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Georganiseerd door SlowTalk.
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