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Ever since photography was invented, it has been used to capture, remember or represent important events. Because of this, photographs create an amazing opportunity to reconstruct the past. Photographs are able to bring the past much closer than, for example, a history book. In photographs, we can see the history of big events, as seen by individuals. One image can change the way we see the world. For example, the image of the ‘napalm girl’ in the Vietnam war quickly became a very vivid example for the atrocities of the Vietnam War. This photo showed the raw impact of this conflict and underscored that the war was doing more harm than good. In addition, the imageof the ‘Falling Man’ from 9/11 has shown us how desperation forced a horrific decision.Photographs of people falling to their deaths shocked the world. Despite the overflowing evidence, the influence of arts on society and international politics is still often largely underestimated.

On the 19th of September, SIB organizes an edition of our SIBTalks. This evening is part of the Vredesweek (Peace Week), organized by the peace organization PAX.

Henk Wildschut, photographer

Rutger van der Hoeven, historian (UU)

Britta Schilling, cultural historian (UU)

Mirjam Kooijman, curator FOAM

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Georganiseerd door SIB-Utrecht


Georganiseerd door SIB-Utrecht.
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